Collection: Protection

Our first ritual work collection, created with mindful intention under the past New Moon in the lead up to Halloween.  Sparks in the moon’s shadow to help keep folks grounded through the seasonal shift into the winter months & through the whole year.  All of these pieces were crafted with community care in mind & anchored in protection.

Inspired by the end of the wheel of the year, a protective anchor as we step into the long dark of winter.  Some are surprised to find out that BLACK is a deeply protective colour & when you look to traditional crystal correspondences you find it in spades.

Ebony wood inlaid with albalone shell is the primary focus of this collection, giving an visual nod to the protective nazar 🧿 symbol, which inspires protection from the evil eye.

In a supporting role are some crystal heavy weights; black tourmaline, hypersthene, obsidian & shungite which resonate well individually, as well as in combination for protection work.