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August Black Collective

Elemental II | Beaded Crystal Earrings

Elemental II | Beaded Crystal Earrings


Simple & timeless. Enough to be worn on it’s own & easy to pair with your favourite crystal bracelets.

— Part of the ELEMENTAL collection: inspired by the five elements, a reflection of a flower in bloom or a star in the void.

Choose your preference of colour or of correspondence.

Amethyst: dreams & protection
Blue Apatite: dreams & inspiration
Carnelian: confidence & passion
Citrine: creativity & mental clarity
Garnet: passion & protection
Labradorite: intuition & protection
Mookaite *: joy & vigor
Rhodonite: compassion & generousity
Shungite: protection & purification
Smokey Quartz: alignment & grounding
Strawberry Quartz: compassion & tranquility
Tiger’s Eye: discernment & strength
White Jade: healing & prosperity

*indicates a misnomer ‘jasper’, a natural stone, but not a true jasper in terms of it’s mineral composition.

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